114 — Prem Thomas

Podcast Summary:

Prem Thomas shifted from investment banking to founder and CEO of a fast growing eco-friendly footwear company that is also rooted in history and cool design. His thoughts on how “digging deep” and focusing are key to Founding CEO success.

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Name: Prem Thomas, CEO and Co-founder

Company: Gurus

Powerful Promise of Value: Gurus built a better Flip-Flop. They created a modern twist on an ancient Indian classic that is sustainably sourced from Mother Nature.

Headquartered In: Tampa, Florida

Favorite productivity software: 

Recruiting, Hiring, Onboard Advice: Work with a new employee or contractor on a trial basis to start.

CEO Questions: How do we make this happen?

Contacts: www.ilovegurus.com

Sponsored by: Khorus

Helping your team stay on track is much easier with Khorus. Founding CEOs use Khorus to drive performance, manage talent, and build a strong culture. And, I love the way it helps Founding CEOs better clarify big-picture priorities, align employees around those priorities, and drive predictable performance. Try out their demo…it’s great!

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