096 — David Gowel

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Podcast Summary:

I had intended to share this insightful interview with you during Veterans Day week. However, it did not work out. BUT, I am really happy to share Dave Gowel with you and start off 2016 great! David’s journey from Army officer to Founder to CEO is not only inspiring but he also talks at length about the importance of Founding CEOs being about to manage their emotions. In the organizational development world, we call that high emotional intelligence. Dave’s got high emotional intelligence which is one of the reason’s RockTech is rocking the on-demand technology training world. Enjoy the interview

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Name: David Gowel, Founder & CEO

Company: RockTech

Powerful Promise of Value: RockTech’s productivity platform overlays and simplifies the adoption of cloud technologies like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Netsuite, SAP and other web business tools. If you want your organization to have role-based guidance available live on the screen of the cloud technology they are using, RockTech is for you.

Headquartered In: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Leadership Struggle:  “…when to actually take the leap and go from no entrepreneurial experience and decide this is how I’m going to feed my family…”

Contacts: [email protected]www.rocktech.com

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