069 — Matt Barba

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Podcast Summary:

Why are NEA, Romulus Capital and Techstars investing in Placester? Listen to this wise, mature, and hardworking Co-founding CEO and you’ll hear why. Matt Barba is having a huge impact on the real estate market. But, it’s his insights about being a CEO that will really inspire you. He discusses:

  1. His viewpoint on sales: “We tried to sell from day one…we sat down and listened to people’s businesses.”
  2. The power of face-to-face communications despite our tech tools.
  3. How “Good old fashioned hard work and executing” built Placester.
  4. How he spends his CEO time (He shares some interesting percentages of where he spends his time).
  5. How he balances consistency and discipline with being open to “bluebird opportunities” to grow his company.

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Interviewee Name: Matt Barba, Co-founder & CEO

Interviewee Company: Placester

Powerful Promise of Value: Placester builds technology that helps real estate agents and real estate brokers operate their businesses online and communicate with their consumers more effectively and efficiently with great content, beautiful websites, fast marketing automation, and a powerful CRM.

Headquartered In: Boston, Massachusetts

Leadership Struggle: “Deciding what not to do…there’s a lot of great opportunities…figuring out what the priorities are and knowing when…to take advantage of a bluebird opportunities…”

Favorite Software for Productivity: OmniFocus (Task management platform)

Daily Habit: “I get up at the same time everyday…and clear my email for 30 minutes and then I go running.”

Delegation Techniques:

  1. Being really honest with your team. Knowing when to step away.
  2. Knowing when you need more time to make a decision.

Contacts: www.placester.com

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