040 — Joel Ragar

Podcast Summary:

Joel Ragar is a humble Founder and CEO who has successfully carved out a business in the golf industry without having prior knowledge and experience in the golf industry. His story is compelling. He and his team do not suffer from “The Curse of Knowledge.” In fact, it may very well be the key to their success. He also shares some great tips about how best to interact with customers, how to balance family life with startup life, and what he did to overcome the delegation challenges that Founder & CEOs often struggle with.

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Name: Joel Ragar, Founder & CEO

Company: ForeUP

Powerful Promise of Value: Golf course cloud based software that makes it easy to manage course operations and enhance revenues.

Headquartered In: Lehi, Utah

Blind Spot: “…none of us…have an idea what we are doing…” [He means as it relates to knowledge of the golf industry.]

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Sticky Notes (Yes, Sticky Notes)

Contacts: www.foreupgolf.com, Joel on LinkedIn, @JoelRagar (Twitter)

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