033 — Geoff Woods

Podcast Summary:

It can be pretty challenging to build, scale, and lead your company by yourself. So many of you have told me over the years that it can sometimes be a lonely endeavor. That’s why I have always recommended that a Founder CEO search for the best mentor, for them. It just makes sense, right? Why not tap into the knowledge and experience that another Founder CEO has already acquired and bypass some of the hassles that we Founder CEOs typically encounter. Great. But, how do you find them? Well, in this episode, my friend Geoff Woods shares his 5 steps to finding the perfect mentor. Geoff is the host of The Mentee Podcast…check it out if you are not already a listener. What I found most interesting about Geoff’s story is how he came about finding his mentor. It’s a memorable story that you’ll want to listen to.

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Name: Geoff Woods

Company: The Mentee Podcast

Headquartered In: Orange County, California

Great Book Geoff Recommends: Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles in Opportunities (Think and Grow Rich) (Sharon L. Lechter CPA  and Greg S. Reid)

Get your FREE PDF Download Of Geoff’s “5 Steps To Finding A Mentor”: www.menteepodcast.com/gift

Geoff Podcast – The Mentee Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mentee-podcast/id957438503?mt=2

Contact Geoff: www.menteepodcast.com, www.geoffwoods.com

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