032 — Me, Todd Uterstaedt ;)

Podcast Summary:

I really enjoyed speaking with our five Shark Tank Founder/CEO alumni. They are smart, savvy, and motivated to make a difference. I thought I might take today’s podcast and focus on three actions that you can take to be a better CEO, after listening to these five amazing Founder CEOs. I also preview our next podcast. I invite you to listen. 🙂

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Name: Todd Uterstaedt, Co-founder & CEO

Company: From Founder To CEO

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Three Actions You Can Take To Be A Better CEO, After Listening to Five Shark Tank Founder/CEO Alumni:

  1. Hire your first employee as soon as financially possible.
  2. Plan for success.
  3. Find a mentor, sooner, rather than later.




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