074 — Allyson Downey

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Podcast Summary:

As a Founding CEO, do you feel lonely sometimes? Is it hard to find someone that can be a safe confidant…someone who you can be real, authentic, and really honest with? Allyson Downey is a super successful Co-founder and CEO who knows this all too well. But, she has been able to navigate this and other challenges to create THE place that new parents go to for advice and baby product recommendations. She shares some great tips about:

  1. Having your team members write down their core values and create a framework from which you can all work from…one of her company’s core values is “quality or quantity” and the other is “keep it simple.”
  2. How weeSpring grows…by partnering with other brands and companies that have an audience similar to their audience.
  3. How she spends her time: She tries to spend her time on vision and big picture strategy, but gets bogged down in the little stuff…but is now disciplined about not doing things that are not a good use of her CEO time.
  4. How being a self-aware CEO has been key to her success.
  5. This quote: “Leadership comes from within…leadership is something you need to develop personally…be self reflective about your strengths and weaknesses.”
  6. This quote: “As an entrepreneur I can have my worst day and best day in the same six hours.”
  7. Why finding people that you can be open and candid with is an essential to your success.
  8. This quote: “Don’t over innovative. If you are too innovative, you are not going to fit into anyone’s life or budget.”

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Name: Allyson Downey, CEO and Co-founder

Company: weeSpring

Powerful Promise of Value: weeSpring helps you find baby products with help from your friends.

Headquartered In: Boulder, Colorado

Leadership Struggle: Allyson wants to being able to share the struggles of being a Founding CEO. It’s hard to find someone like that. She says it’s important to find a safe person, a CEO confidant, that you can be authentic and real about what is happening in your startup.

Favorite Software for Productivity: Rapportive

Daily Habit: She identifies three things each day that are her must do’s.

Decision-Making Technique: Using the concept of “Big Rocks.”

CEO Question: What are your priorities this week?

Her book: Here’s the Plan.: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career Through Pregnancy and Parenting (Allyson Downey)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.24.11 AM

Contacts: www.weespring.com, @AllysonDowney

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