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136 — Todd Wichmann

Podcast Summary:

Todd Wichmann truly knows the difference between corporate leadership and startup leadership. He became a Founding CEO after leading the iconic Tide® Laundry Detergent brand for global giant, Procter & Gamble. He took his knowledge gained at P&G and used it to build a company focused on organic cleaning products.

He shares his ups and downs as a Startup CEO and he shares the story of how he and his team developed one of the hottest new products to combat the Zika Virus – an organic mosquito repellent called FIT® Organic—Mosquito Repellent. It’s a game changer for many, including the country of Brazil where the virus has affected so many.

Oh yes, listen carefully to his story about his biggest struggle shifting from Founder to CEO, I think you will learn a lot. I know I did.

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