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070 — Nathan Chan

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Podcast Summary:

Can you imagine your business having an immediate impact on millions of people in just its first two years? Nathan Chan can. This humble Australian Founding CEO is building a media empire helping entrepreneurs, like you, build and grow your companies through his digital magazine, Foundr. We turn the tables on this inspiring leader and ask him about his journey from Founder to CEO. I know you’ll find his honest and authentic personal leadership stories helpful. For example, he discusses:

  1. His startup story – “We choose the path we are least afraid of.”
  2. How his two strengths – (a) Having an eye for talent (b) Being vulnerable and letting people help you – helped him grow his company.
  3. How using contractors helped him bootstrap his growth.
  4. How his refreshing humility helped him grow Foundr Magazine.
  5. The challenges of being “firm” and holding others accountable when they may not meet expectations.
  6. How to balance giving team members room to grow and avoid mistakes from negatively impacting the business.
  7. How his experience with interns taught him how to let go, learn to work with others, and leverage his time and impact.
  8. Why hiring is so challenging and some tips to make it easier.

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