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161 — Erik Oberholtzer

Podcast Summary:

Some of my fondest memories involved spending two weeks in the summer with my grandmother. We didn’t go on fancy trips or do anything that required money or connections. We played games, went to the park, and my favorite…we visited the farmer markets, picked the very finest fresh foods, and went home and made amazing dinners together. You might say it was “farm-to-fork,” grandma style.

So, when Erik Oberholtzer agreed to come on the podcast, I was thrilled. Erik is among a small number of inspired leaders pioneering “farm-to-fork” cuisine. His California based company is expanding, and with that he too is growing from Co-founder to CEO. Erik is a thoughtful person whose wisdom shines through in this candid interview.

You’ll hear him discuss:

  • Why “slow and easy” wins the day
  • How his long-term thinking about partnerships has fueled his growth…and expansion plans into New York
  • Why shifting from Co-Founder to CEO has been such an emotional experience for him personally

As for me, I can’t wait until he brings Tender Greens to Cincinnati. 😉

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