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083 — Brian Clark

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Podcast Summary:

Brian is digital entrepreneur royalty. He has created MASSIVE value for MANY businesses for MANY years and because of that he has earned tremendous success as a Founder and CEO. You may know him for his WILDLY successful copyblogger platform. But, as a leader he has grown that one platform to a multimedia company that contains many brands all under the Rainmaker Digital umbrella – a complete marketing technology platform. As with all our guests, he gets detailed about his personal journey from Founder to CEO and talks about:

  • This quote: “Whether you write a word ever, studying copy writing will make you a good business person…because it makes you focus so much on your customers and clients, or prospects…”
  • This quote: “I was a great marketer…but, I didn’t understand how to manage people…”
  • This quote: “I’ve always had trouble with delegating…back in 2002 to 2005 I was the classic E-Myth case study…”
  • This quote: “Letting your team do their job is such a crucial step…”
  • This quote: “Every single person in this company, all my partners, all our employees, they came from the audience I created.”
  • This quote: “Getting talent…that’s the whole thing.”
  • This quote: “Take good care of the people you’ve got because you don’t want them running off.”
  • This quote: “When you pack your schedule to the brim with meetings and phone calls and and desk work…and don’t allow yourself to think, that’s when you make bad decisions.”

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