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091 — Caitlin MacGregor

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Podcast Summary:

You can probably tell from my voice in this interview, that I am really excited about this company, Plum. I have a fair amount of experience with assessments for selection and Plum is really shaking up this older industry. What’s even more fascinating about what they are doing is that they are led by a Co-founding CEO who really understands herself, her skills, her strengths, and her limitations in a way that I rarely see. But, then again, she is the CEO of an assessment company. 🙂 So, I highly recommend you listen very carefully to Plum’s value proposition, Caitlin’s knowledgable insights about hiring, and how she has conquered being “too agreeable.” You’ll also hear her say:

  • “I see myself as a fixer.”
  • “A job post should be a marketing tool…”
  • “We just won a pitch competition…”

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