001 — Chelsea Berler

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Podcast Summary:

From Food Stamps To Founder And Finally To Highly Successful CEO: Fabulously successful Founder & CEO, Chelsea Berler, shares her story from food stamps to founder to CEO. She opens up about the joys and challenges of creating a profitable firm well before her 30th birthday.

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Name: Chelsea Berler

Company: Solamar Marketing Agency

Powerful Promise of Value: Solamar is a boutique marketing agency that connects you to your customers and the world.

Headquartered In: Birmingham, Alabama

Her Fantastic Book: The Curious One: From Food Stamps To CEO: One Woman’s Journey through Struggle, Tragedy, Success and Love

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “I am a doer…when I had to stop doing, and start training, and leading, and educating a group of people, it was really daunting for me.”

Blind Spot: “I trusted too much. I trusted that people’s word was their word.”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resource for Productivity: www.hipchat.com

Favorite Resource that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, And Hurtful Acts

Favorite Founder: Andrea Lee — www.andreajlee.com

Contact: www.solamaragency.com; www.mostlychelsea.com

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