404 — Zachary Green

Podcast Summary

Enlisted Marine.

Marine Officer.



Pharmaceutical Salesman.


Founder & CEO.

City Councilman.

COVID-19 survivor.

International Bestselling Author.

These are just some of the roles that Zachary has excelled in during his short life.

He certainly has had a big and growing impact on the firefighting profession, building safety, and now with his new book, “Warrior Entrepreneur,” a big impact on thousands of Founders around the world.

In this very candid interview, Zachary details why and how he relinquished day to day operations as CEO to a new CEO, why his business is better for it, and advice to Founders, like you, who are considering such a decision.

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Name: Zachary Green

Company: LumAware Safety

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Powerful Promise of Value: LumAware Safety helps the firefighting, industrial safety, mining, construction, maritime, and defense industries illuminate products, tools, and/or personnel in the dark without an active electrical source.

Zachary’s Book: Warrior Entrepreneur: Lessons From The Battlefield To The Boardroom


Zachary on LinkedIn

Zachary’s Company’s Website

Zachary’s Book Website

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