380 — William Schumacher

Podcast Summary

Financial projections for a Founder CEO are quite precarious. On one hand, you want to be careful not to over promise because others are relying on your predictions. On the other hand, you want to also send the message that you are optimistic about the company’s potential…now, in the short-term, and of course in the long-term.

Listen to William describe his personal experience with a very “humbling” episode of this situation. He adroitly explains the Founder role and the CEO role when it comes to forecasting startup financial results.

We can all learn from William’s story. And, I also invite you to listen to something that William doesn’t say. He doesn’t describe himself as smart, humble, and hungry. But, I can. He is all of that and more…listen and you’ll hear why.

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Name: William Schumacher

Uprising Food

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Powerful Promise of Value: Uprising Food makes keto-friendly, low-carb breads for people who don’t want to give up bread.

Contact: Website, On Facebook, On Instagram, William on LinkedIn

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