190 — Rebecca Okamoto

Podcast Summary:

Many of you tell me you struggle with taking the complexities, twists, and turns of your startup story and your own personal  story lines and putting these two things together into a coherent story for all of us to better understand you and your brand.

So, when Rebecca agreed to come on the show and share her successful framework on how YOU can tell your founder’s story to build brand loyalty and create trust, I was really excited.

She clearly breaks it down in an easy format so you can craft and refine your story ASAP.

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Name: Rebecca Okamoto, Founder & CEO

Company: Evoke Strategy Group

Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Powerful Promise of Value:  Evoke helps founders create brand messages that communicate who they are, how they’re unique, and convince people to buy. Every Founder knows how critical their message is – their growth depends on how it reaches, connects and converts. But that’s tough when your company is unknown, or your message is complicated, and today’s buyers have 8 second attention spans. Evoke shows Founders how to explain their value proposition or competitive advantage in 20 words or less. Pitch successfully in as few as 10 slides. Overcome objections and turn skeptics into supporters. And create brand stories that build trust and motivate people to buy.

Click HERE for her Infographic

Contact: evoke.pro (Website), [email protected] (Email), twitter.com/EvokePro (Twitter)

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