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I am a reluctant Cincinnati Bengals fan. (see their record for my reluctance justification). But, then again, I am not really a big football super fan anyway. But, I live in Ohio and I have seen (and heard) football super fans…especially from the school that starts with “THE.” 🙂

Despite this lack of interest, I was VERY interested to learn from my latest podcast guest about what he is doing to democratize the sports commentary world. I see no reason that a few talking heads should be the only ones raking in a lot of money for their opinions…especially when many fans, like you, have more informed opinions.

Enter Frankie, his co-founder, and team. They are helping YOU monetize your sports content. And, I LOVE this.

Frankie’s passion about the subject, and in general, is palpable. And, it’s this passion that something detracts from his ability to lead effectively. Listen as he explains his specific personal challenge on the road from Founder to CEO and what he does to channel that energy when it may cause a bit of a problem with his team members.

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Name: Frankie Vittorini


Headquartered In: New York, New York

Powerful Promise of Value: The team at uSTADIUM likes being the best way to talk sports on mobile or online.

Contact: Website, Frankie on LinkedIn

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