356 — Johanan Dujon

Podcast Summary:

Johanan has created a win-win-win with Algas Organics. He takes nuisance seaweed that washes up on the beaches of his island country, turns it into fertilizer for farmers, and employees a growing number of fellow citizens in the endeavor. I think you’ll be amazed at what he and his team have accomplished in a relatively short time period. And, a bad situation with an “intermediary” turned into great wisdom for him and for you.


Name: Johanan Dujon

Algas Organics

Headquartered In: Saint Lucia (In the eastern Caribbean Sea)

Powerful Promise of Value: Algas Organics converts Sargassum seaweed into the most effective and economic, bio-fertilizer on the market for tomatoes, soybeans and more.

Contact: Johanan on LinkedIn, His website: www.algasorganics.com

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