341 — Dr. Steven Gundry

Podcast Summary:

You probably have seen Dr. Gundry. His book “The Plant Paradox” is a best seller. His supplements are widely popular and celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Usher, and Tony Robbins all call him their doctor. It seems Dr. Gundry is on top of the health world. But, it wasn’t always like that. He struggled like any entrepreneur. And, it was an early book launch failure that helped him develop the character and stamina to become a very successful Doctor and CEO.

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Name: Dr. Steven Gundry


Headquartered In: Palm Springs, California

Powerful Promise of Value: Dr. Steven Gundry’s Industry-Changing Research, Supplements, and Skincare come together in his company, GundryMD.

Contact: drgundry.com, gundrymd.com

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