336 — Anand Sheth

Podcast Summary:

Anand really believes in his mission. With over 20 years of experience in his industry, Anand has created something whose time has come…technology for financial advisors…one of the last areas of business life to still be operating somewhere back in the 1980s era. It’s a tough area to break into because of a fair amount of regulation. Anand’s attention to detail…a strength of his…became somewhat of a liability as he endeavored to launch into the market. He talks about overcoming perfectionism and what you can do to overcome it too. And, oh yes. Since we recorded this interview, Anand has launched BIG with new customers coming at him fast and furious. Anand is a great example of what “being all in” is all about. Listen and see what I mean.

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Name: Anand Sheth


Headquartered In: Riverside, California

Powerful Promise of Value: THE all-in-one, compliant meeting notes, documentation, and communication platform that helps Financial Advisors easily and efficiently interact with their clients without hiring an army of people.

Contact: www.pulse360.com, Anand on LinkedIn

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