303 — Ben and Stacey

Podcast Summary:

When I reached out to Ben and Stacey to be on the show, I was excited to talk to the leaders of my favorite pizza. It was a real treat. But, in the process of speaking with them, I got so much more. Stacey and Ben are not only amazing Founders but it is clear they are incredible leaders. Listen as they share the heart-breaking story of losing a friend and team member. Their insight and advice is not only a reflection of the culture of their company, but also a reflection of their own kindness and decency…a model for all of us to remember.

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Name: Ben Frohlichstein and Stacey Marcellus


Headquartered In: Denver Colorado

Powerful Promise of Value: Cappello’s makes gluten free, grain free, paleo-friendly pasta, pizza and cookie dough…that you will love.

Contact: www.cappellos.com, Ben on LinkedIn, Stacey on LinkedIn

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