288 — Jason Suriano

Podcast Summary:

Jason and I had a fun time speaking previously on this show. He’s a successful Founder, great guy, and I have come to realize, a really good Father. So, in honor of Father’s Day, I asked him back on the show to get real about fatherhood and entrepreneurship. He shares how he balances both and shares the 3 areas he believes you must master in order to excel at both roles. Oh, I tell a story about working from home and feces that you won’t want to miss. 😉

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Name: Jason Suriano

Trajectory IQ

Headquartered In: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Powerful Promise of Value: Trajectory IQ helps you onboard employees, communicate key messages, and deliver training
in a fun and engaging way.

Contact: www.trajectoryiq.com, www.theroad.io


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