214 — Darrin Murriner

Podcast Summary:

Many of you tell me that building and developing your team is your number one challenge as a Founder. There are many tools that can help you with this monumental task. Until Darrin Murriner and his team at Cloverleaf came along, no one really aggregated the enormous amount of information we collect on our teams in a way that is useful. I personally love what the Cloverleaf team is doing. With its dashboard view of your entire team, you’ll be able to lead your team with greater ease and more effectiveness.

Darrin is also a veteran Founder. So, what does the leader that is helping other leaders get self-aware know about himself? His background growing up in poverty has shaped him to be a bit more risk averse. How does a risk averse Founder overcome this mindset and grow his startup? Listen and find out what you can do about risk aversion from Darrin’s story and tips.

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Name: Darrin Murriner

Company: Cloverleaf

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Darrin’s Book: Corporate Bravery: Eliminate Fear-based Decision Making

Powerful Promise of Value:  Cloverleaf cross-maps your team’s personality, skills, and culture, and reveals insights that can help you make better decisions about your teams.

Contact: www.cloverleaf.me, [email protected], @murriner (Twitter)

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