055 — Suzanne Solsona

Podcast Summary:

Suzanne Solsona is having a big impact on outdoor gear for kids. I still can’t believe no one didn’t already create what she and her husband have created. They have really innovated in the kid boot market. She’s also a savvy leader who shares some great tips about the transition from Founder to CEO.

1. Try not to over-extend yourself and your company…measured steps are often helpful.
2. Using LinkedIn to find manufacturers, business partners, and distributors.
3. Find ways to manage stress.
4. Innovate, don’t litigate.

Click to Tweet Suzanne Solsona, CEO & Founder of MyMayu, is helping kids have more fun outside in boots that meet their playing needs. https://fromfoundertoceo.com/?p=1060


Name: Suzanne Solsona, Founder & CEO

Company: MyMayu

Powerful Promise of Value: They are on a mission to get families outdoors and exploring the world together. So, they make great outdoor waterproof boots designed by parents made for kids.


Headquartered In: Vancouver, Canada

Leadership Struggle: “..the daily stress…and how to deal with that stress…”

Favorite Software for Productivity: Google Apps, Shopify

Daily Habit: Do one thing you really don’t want to do (and that needs to get done) and do it first thing in the morning.

Favorite Book (s): Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future,  The Thank You Economy

Contacts: [email protected], www.mymayu.com

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