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Podcast Summary:

Yeah! We made it to the 50th episode of the podcast. Thank you for all your support and encouragement as we continue to help you become a superb CEO.

Initially I intended to invite a special guest for this milestone episode. But, instead, I thought I would stay true to the purpose of this platform and focus on something very practical. And, it is a topic that has been NAGGING me and becoming increasingly clear is an issue for you. The topic is – Delegation.

As a Founding CEO myself, I too have struggled with the mindset of delegation. Even with my significant leadership experience as a U.S. Army officer and corporate leader, it’s hard to overcome some of the mental barriers that we all erect when we become Founding CEOs. Many of you have told me you don’t event like the word itself.

So, I present to you the Top 25 Founding CEO Mental Barriers to Delegation. Take a good listen and ask yourself, which one (s) apply to you. Send me a message through our contact page and let me know. I’d be happy to provide some tips on how to overcome your specific mental barriers to delegation.

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