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Joel Heath is changing the way we stay healthy at work. And, he is super passionate about inspiring and moving people. He says, “Our job as CEO is to help our move people.” He is taking on all of our tendencies to sit so much. With his company FluidStance he is transforming the way we keep in shape…at work and at home. He’s an inspiring leader who certainly shares some great Startup CEO tips, but really inspired me even more as he describes how he transforms his personal challenge with dyslexia into a strength.

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Name: Joel Heath, Founder & CEO & Brand Architect

Company: FluidStance

Powerful Promise of Value: FluidStance seeks to redefine workplace wellness through balance and fitness using constant motion.

Their Big Product: The Level

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.31.18 PM

Headquartered In: Santa Barbara, California

Biggest Struggle: Focus! Joel has dyslexia. Dyslexia can be perceived as a weakness, but Joel chooses to use it as a strength…he can see the world differently.

Favorite Productivity Software: Headspace

Daily CEO Habit: Movement

CEO Delegation Technique: Using www.zirtual.com (virtual assistants)

The Question You Ask Your Team That Produces Great Productivity: “What are the three big take-aways from our meeting?”

Favorite Book, Magazine, Blog, or Podcast: Fast Company

Contacts: www.fluidstance.com@joelheath@fluidstance

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