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151 — Corey & Parker

Podcast Summary:

Have you ever thought that you and your company would be better off with a partner? Not just someone to work with you as an employee, but someone who has an equity stake in your growing company?

Well, listen in on this very interesting episode as our guest from episode #10, Corey Whitaker, comes back to the podcast and shares the why and the how he developed a partnership with Parker Stevenson to help his company grow even faster.

This is the first time we have invited two guests to be on the show at one time. And, I am so glad we did. Both Corey and Parker get really personal and share insights about:

  • Why having a partner has been beneficial.
  • Can you be friends and partners?
  • How do you make a partnership work?
  • How do spouses fit into a business partnership?
  • Tips on daily and weekly communication when you have a remote partnership.

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