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149 — Ilya Bodner

Podcast Summary:

Originally from Uzbekistan, Ilya Bodner started with nothing and is tackling one of the toughest industries in which to launch a startup – insurance. But, with determination, thousands of hours of interview research, lots of patience, and a wonderful team, Ilya has successfully grown an #insurtech company that is getting huge traction. With over 2,000 insurance agents using his platform, he is well on his way to taking Bold Penguin to even more bold growth.

And, along the way, Ilya has learned quite a bit about the transition from Founder to CEO. You’ll hear him talk about:

  • How balancing story-telling and operations is key to a successful transition from Founder to CEO
  • How adding more structure to his company was important to its success
  • Why hiring people smarter than you is hard for Founding CEOs and why it’s key to your success

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