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075 — Apu Gupta

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Podcast Summary:

I really enjoyed my conversation with Apu Gupta. Not only is he and his team on the cutting edge of marketing technology with their amazing Fanreel solution, but he is also one of the most honest and real CEOs you may ever listen to.  In this interview Apu shares what it is really like to be the CEO of a venture backed company…the pressure, stress, and weight of responsibility to his team and his investors are feelings and emotions that many of you will relate to.  Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself. BUT, LISTEN TO THE VERY END…you won’t regret it. Key quotes:

  • “I think that consumers and brands really like each other, if they respect each other.”
  • “I was frankly really scared to start a company.”
  • “That pressure for growth never leaves…it becomes a part of your every day”
  • “The tech industry…it’s like the only industry on the planet where growing 100% year over year is considered ok.”
  • “You have to grow…the pressure to grow is non-stop, you think about it every moment of the day.”
  • “I can’t bring myself to lose other people’s money.”
  • “These people have placed their faith in me…to make good decisions on their behalf.”
  • “People look to you to be the CEO at a time when you still don’t look to yourself as a CEO.”

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