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078 — Jim Tselikis

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Podcast Summary:

Shark Tank Alum, Jim Tselikis, is building a lobster empire with his cousin, Sabin. He shares his story becoming a Co-CEO with his cousin. I was most impressed how he has navigated the challenge of holding employees, who have become friends, accountable to productivity. He also talks about:

  1. How he and his cousin, Sabin, divide the CEO responsibilities.
  2. How assessment tools helped he and his cousin, Sabin, build a strong relationship.
  3. Why they chose the franchise route.
  4. This quote: “It’s about how to make this better and how to humanize this.”
  5. How to navigate being friendly with staff and holding staff accountable.
  6. This quote: “We’ve stayed true…to what we’ve done with our product with our sourcing with everything with our supply in our family in Maine…keep the brand consistency…proud of that.”

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