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172 — Christopher Myers

Podcast Summary:

Do you have someone on your team who manages your books and manually inputs data into a financial bookkeeping software? Chris Myers wants you to know that that task may no longer be necessary. His company inverts the entire small business financial management system on its head and makes it MUCH easier.

As a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, Chris writes about leadership, entrepreneurship, and the shift from Founder to CEO. In fact, he caught my attention when he wrote this piece for Forbes: Learning To Let Go: How I Evolved From Founder To CEO.

This was well written and I asked Chris to come on the show and talk in greater detail about his 3 points and his personal connection with each insight. He gets candid about:

  1. Why it was hard for him to let go and trust his team.
  2. How he learned to embrace accountability.
  3. How he shifted from a directive leader to become a servant leader.

He also breaks some news about BodeTree’s next evolution!

Chris is super smart. How has his interview impacted you?

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