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066 — Andrew Krebs-Smith

Podcast Summary:

Andrew Krebs-Smith, Founder & CEO of Social Fulcrum, is changing the way we market our businesses by using data, processes, and systems. This experienced leader shares his amazing insights about many Startup CEO issues that you won’t want to miss.

  1. The power of data-driven marketing.
  2. “Our ideas are often wrong…we need to test different approaches.”
  3. “You tend to get pulled in the direction that the leads come.”
  4. Matching client workload with employee capacity: leading and lagging indicators
  5. How allocating work functions amongst your team creates focus and growth.
  6. How empathy helps resolve conflict, hiring, and communication overall.
  7. Bringing on partners that compliment your strengths.
  8. BONUS: You won’t want to miss his BIG Pinterest GOLDEN Marketing Nugget at the end of the interview.

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