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068 — Marc McLaughlin


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Podcast Summary:

Marc McLaughlin is a master at business design. As a Founding CEO and a key partner at the famed Business Models Inc., he has a wealth of experience helping many organizations, including Startups, design a sustainable business model that will stand the pressures of the marketplace. In this fascinating interview, Marc tackles two key topics:

1 – GETTING TEAM BUY-IN: If, as a Founding CEO, you must relook your business model, how can you engage your team to embrace the business design model process…how can you get buy-in to relook the company business model?

2 – NEW CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: If, as a Founding CEO, you are leading a successful company and you want to set your sights on new and unreached customer segments, but you do not have the budget to invest heavily in traditional market research, what can you do?

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