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094 — Jordann Windschauer

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Podcast Summary:

Jordann is the type of person you can listen to and in the first 5 minutes you are inspired. I enjoyed speaking with her because her determination and passion for all things paleo is so encouraging. And, you’ll like her wisdom on not saying no, how to deal with her young age in a “good ole boys” industry, and some of these great quotes:

  • “Challenges render strength”
  • “I wasn’t performing well in my job because I was baking from 7PM until 3AM and then waking up and going to work from 8 to 5 and then working out in between…it was pretty hectic for awhile.”
  • “I don’t understand…the word no…I can’t wrap my head around it.”
  • “I get told no everyday.”
  • “We’re not doing it the normal way.”
  • “The rules are not necessarily in stone.”
  • “I’ve had to learn that my age is not a limiting factor.”
  • “I would say the most important thing is to lead with honesty.”
  • “You never know what’s going to happen…if you are honest and vulnerable…you put yourself out there…a lot of people appreciate that and will help you.”
  • “Be you, be who you are.”

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