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090 — Tope Awotona

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Podcast Summary:

Tope Awotona wanted an easier and better way to schedule meetings. So, he created it. A few years later he is having GREAT success with Calendly.  And, he is really crushing it with a “freemium” business model that has twice the paid upgrade rate as other software as a service platforms. He also talks about his 3 Big Tips About Prioritization & Team Alignment, and these quotes:

  • “I believe that you get what you give into any given situation.”
  • “…we actually took a pause…from the time we launched the product…and did not add a single feature until we were really able to really sort out the requests…what what really was a deal breaker for people…versus what was a nice to have…”
  • “90% of being the boss is repeating the same thing over and over again.”
  • “Charge more, charge earlier.”

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