330 — Anne Mahlum

Podcast Summary:

She grew [solidcore] to over 70 locations and thousands of members including big fans like Michelle Obama. But, nothing has compared to the heart-wrenching decisions Anne has had to make in response to the global pandemic. Anne reveals the steps she has taken to take care of her team members, as best she can, and save her company amidst great uncertainty. I think the thing that makes me stop and really appreciate Anne is this…she cares deeply for her team and she is a fighter…she is committed to overcoming this temporary challenge.

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Name: Anne Mahlum


Headquartered In: Washington DC

Powerful Promise of Value: Solidcore is a 50-minute high intensity, low impact resistance training workout classes using slow and purposeful movements targeting the core.

Contact: www.solidcore.co, Instagram, Facebook, Anne on Instagram

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