320 — Ju Rhyu

Podcast Summary:

Ju has created a consumer brand that is growing lightening fast, with just a small team of 5 people. What’s her secret? And, since she is in Paris and her team is in New York, how does she ensure her presence is felt in New York? She explains this and so much more in this candid interview.

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Name: Ju Rhyu

Hero Cosmetics

Headquartered In: New York, New York

Powerful Promise of Value: Hero Cosmetics is the new acne care 2.0 brand with the Mighty Patch, a hydrocolloid acne patch that absorbs and sucks out pus and fluids from whiteheads and pimples and provides you with a real solution for pimple emergencies.

Contact: Ju on LinkedIn, www.herocosmetics.com, Hero Cosmetics On Instagram

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