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Mantras, Maxims, Mottos, and Mnemonics

They wash over us like water over a dam. You see them, read them, and absorb them constantly.

  • “Hire slow, fire fast.”
  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
  • “Start before you are ready.”
  • “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.”
  • “Just take massive action.”
  • “FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success”

After a while, you can find a business mantra, maxim, motto or mnemonic device for about any perspective you want or need. Doesn’t it feel good when you fire up Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter and your favorite guru pumps out a motivational quote or platitude superimposed on a beautiful scene that completely supports your viewpoint, position, angle, or emotion you are currently experiencing? You may even silently say to yourself, “See, XYZ agrees with me, we must use PDQ subscription model when we launch our new service.”

Really? Is that the best way to solve the problems we face as Founder & CEOs? Frankly, I get a bit weary of the trite mnemonics, or the latest “5 steps to XYZ,” or “How to fix EFG without IJK” leadership advice I often see. I understand that these things help click through rates and also serve some Startup CEOs. I’m sure you’ll sometimes see them from me too. Continue reading


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