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Enhance Your Leadership with Good E-Introduction Etiquette

A few years ago a local consultant contacted me with a professional, yet direct email. It said, “Todd, thanks for sending me XYZ person my way. In the future, can you check with me first? I’m really busy for the next three weeks and I don’t have time for networking.”

At first I was, admittedly, a bit annoyed. I was connecting a Founding CEO client to the consultant as a potential customer for him. In addition, the consultant had previously told me to send him anyone who might need his services. In my anger I silently fumed and resolved never to help him again.

As a Founding CEO, my time is very limited, just like the consultant in my story. It’s somewhat of a cliché now – time remains the fixed asset we all share. I’ve had the good fortune to interview over 50 Founding CEOs of fast growing businesses on my podcast, “From Founder To CEO.” Lack of time is a common theme amongst them. Those CEOs who thrive learn how to delegate, prioritize, and hire a great team. They are also adept at networking. Between fundraising, cultivating partnerships, and seeking more business, they are skilled in the art and science of e-introduction etiquette. Continue reading