011 — Rob Goodson

Podcast Summary:

SPECIAL: Author, Rob Goodson, shares his compelling case that Founder & CEOs can build and scale their businesses by leading with mercy. While it may seem odd to combine the word “mercy” with “business” Rob talks about the model he created to help leaders understand that there is indeed a business case for compassionate leadership.

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Name: Rob Goodson, Author

Book: Lead with Mercy: The Business Case for Compassion

Powerful Promise of Value: Rob is a decorated U.S. Army veteran and successful senior leader at Booz Allen Hamilton. I think you will enjoy his interview and love his book. It’s a quick read that will challenge the way you think about leading your company. Rob is also a good friend of mine who “practices what he preaches” and who uses the word Mercy in an easy to remember leadership model:

Defining Mercy
Earn the Right to Lead
Clarity of Vision
Lead From Your Heart

Lives In: Virginia, USA

Contact: www.leadwithmercy.com, [email protected]

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