392 — Tara Darnley

Podcast Summary

The pandemic wreaked havoc on many businesses.

But, how many of you know a Founder who launched DURING the pandemic?

Allow me to introduce you to Tara.

Tara knows the locs business inside and out.

She and her team created a product that revolutionizes the way those with locs, take care of their locs.

And, along the way, she has learned some pretty incredible lessons.

Among them is something unique to her personality and the needs of a startup from a Founder.

She is a self-described empath who, for a time period, began doing the work of her team. There were various reason for this. But, what she realized is quite compelling.


Company: Peculiar Roots

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Powerful Promise of Value: Peculiar Roots is THE clean beauty brand with products formulated for locs and natural hair.

Contact: Tara on LinkedIn, Company website

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