17 Reasons To Join A CEO Peer Group

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-7-25-46-pm“I joined a CEO group. It was a mastermind group. And, [I] started meeting with…six to eight other CEOs on a quarterly basis. And, they were all from different industries…but, it was incredible. We had all these things in common…stuff like burnout. I got to tell my story…The CEO group was very beneficial. Something I highly recommend, wish I had done earlier and I’m still a part of. It’s just great to heave peers to talk to.”

This quote is from Joel Holland, Founder of VideoBlocks during the latest episode of the “From Founder To CEO” podcast. Joel built a $25 million tech company and credits some of his success to his CEO peer group.

What is a CEO peer group? It’s basically a group of CEOs who want to help each other achieve success in life and business. They commit to regularly scheduled meetings where they learn, share, cajole and uplift each other on their leadership journeys.

I have been a member of a number of these groups over the years. My CEO peers brought me immeasurable learning opportunities and the fellowship has fostered relationships that will last my lifetime. And, the group helped my business grow. 🙂

These types of groups have been around for quite some time. As Joel mentioned, many Founding CEOs wish they had joined a group earlier.

Here is what many say are some of the top benefits.

1 – A community where you can be yourself, authentic, and transparent.

2 – A place where your peers are willing to tell you hard truths.

3 – A sounding board, listening to all of your ideas without judgment.

4 – A community that helps you refine your thinking.

5 – They hold you accountable for goals and commitments you make.

6 – Peers that exchange ideas and best practices.

7 – A group that helps expand your worldview.

8 – An opportunity to become a better leader.

9 – Helps your organization prepare for future challenges.

10 – Trusted peers questioning your answers and asking you questions.

11 – Challenge your assumptions.

12 – It is helpful to have peer CEOs look at your challenges through an impartial lens.

13 – Collaborate on problem solving.

14 – Challenge you to tackle issues you are reluctant to confront.

15 – A place to test your ideas and approaches with people who understand and can relate to the weight of your responsibilities.

16 – A place to whine (but not for long) with people who can empathize with your situation.

17 – Help with over coming the feelings of:

  • Being overwhelmed
  • Being lost
  • Being stuck
  • Being paralyzed
  • Feeling lonely

If this is something you are looking for, you are in luck.

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