145 — Nick Francis

Podcast Summary:

Nick Francis is on a mission to make the “help desk” an amazing experience for every business. He and his team have created a powerful platform that puts the customer first and makes it easier for every business to make customer service a great experience. On the road to building his company, he has learned quite a few things which he shares in this candid interview. He talks about:

  • Why he is so passionate about serving the customer.
  • Why he had to fire 40% of his company.
  • How he uses radical transparency to lead his mostly remote workforce.

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Name: Nick Francis, Co-founder & CEO

Company: Help Scout

Headquartered In: Boston, Massachusetts

Powerful Promise of Value: Help Scout is a help desk for teams that insist on
a delightful customer experience.

Book Nick Recommended: Remote: Office Not Required


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Contacts: www.helpscout.com, @NickFrancis (Twitter), [email protected] (Email)

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