061 — Jason Will

Podcast Summary:

Jason Will has his eyes set on changing the travel industry. Think that is hyperbole? Not really, when you listen to this bold, smart, and action taking Founding CEO. You’ll feel inspired by his mission, moved by his sense of purpose, and enlightened by his leadership values as you listen to him in this interview. He shares some powerful insights about:

1. The importance of trust.
2. The importance of building a strong community and feedback.
3. The power of persistence.
4. The number of people your decisions have impact on everyday.
5. Coding as a basic skill for Founding CEOs.

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Name: Jason Will, CEO & Co-founder

Company: Zipkick

Powerful Promise of Value: Zipkick is like a personal travel concierge in your pocket that makes mobile travel search simple and convenient by only showing results that matter to you.

Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Leadership Struggle: “…I am so use to being able to solve problems…in all my other roles…the thing that is very difficult as a first time CEO…if you sign a bad contract or you make a bad partnership or something you that do along the way can literally cripple the company over night…that’s the thing that I am thinking about more than anything else…it’s a lot more than just yourself…that can be overwhelming to think about how your decisions can impact so many people…”

Favorite Software for Productivity: Trello

Daily Habit: “Everyday when I wake up, I reply to all of the tweets that I received over night.”

Favorite Book (s): Crossing the Chasm, 3rd Edition: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers (Collins Business Essentials) (Geoffrey Moore)

Contacts: @zipkick, @jasonbwill, www.zipkick.com

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