Star CEOs: A New Hope

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.33.42 PMI said good-bye to my doctor this week.

He has been my primary care physician for 16 years. As he heads toward retirement, he has fewer and fewer days that he’s in the office. So, it was time to find a new doctor. He is an old-time doctor, in the best way.  He knows me, my wife, and children. He has seen me through the flu, an umbilical hernia, and countless ailments that most people get during the course of 16 years. He took good care of me. He’s a good man. I’ll miss him.

Dr. Baker’s transition has made me somewhat reflective as we also head toward the end of the calendar year and transition into another year of excitement, anticipation, and promise.

So, what have I been thinking about? Gratitude! Optimism! Hope!


Over 90 Founding CEOs have shared their personal leadership journey From Founder To CEO with me on the podcast since March of this year. I can’t begin to express the depths of my gratitude.

You all have let me into your lives in a very personal way. And, because you were vulnerable and shared some much of yourselves, many more Founding CEOs have learned and grown because of you. For that I am very grateful…because…that’s why I created this platform and growing community.


Over 30,000 downloads of the “From Founder To CEO” podcast means there are many of you out there hungry to hear the stories of others. Your enthusiastic endorsement for this learning platform makes me very optimistic for the future.

It means we can continue to provide you with the best resources that help you become a better leader and a great CEO. It means we can find new ways to help you grow faster than your startup.


If you watch the news or fire up your computer or phone, you can very easily let the vast rivers of negativity wash over you and never realize the weight that collects on your shoulders and in your mind.

However, over the last nine months I have had the great honor to talk to men and women around the world that have given me intense hope. Hope for a future filled with amazing new leaders who are having a positive impact on the world. Interacting with nearly 100 leading Founding CEOs has made me look toward the future with the type of hope that is transformational.

Kerriann Greenhalgh is reviving old antibiotics.

Jordann Windschauer is helping us eat better.

Caitlin MacGregor is democratizing the hiring process.

Steinar Henskes is saving birds and keeping air travel safe.

Jason Will is disrupting travel for our benefit.

Dr. Alvaro Feito-Boirac is expanding solar energy.

These are just some of the amazing Founding CEOs who are creating profitable companies and changing the world.

They all inspire me. YOU inspire me.

You seize the day, create something out of nothing. You build great teams. You help create better lives for your employees and the world. You bring hope to so many in the world. 

And, there’s a direct connection between your development as a leader, your company’s profit development, your positive impact on your employees, and your ability to change the world.

So…Keep listening to our podcast in 2016 (we have more great guests on the way). Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep leading. The world needs you. The future is bright.

And, if you have a doctor that has helped you along the way, thank him or her.

Thanks Dr. Baker. Thanks for always blessing me with not only health, but hope for the future.

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