“The single biggest benefit to your membership in a CEO Mastermind is the fresh source of unfiltered advice, guidance, support, and ideas from other CEOs who can relate to the weight of responsibilities you have. I have been a member of a Mastermind for a number of years. It has been invaluable to me. But, Masterminds are often only as good as the person who facilitates them. And, Todd stands out as one of the best. He knows when to push and he knows when to encourage. He’s artful about drawing out quiet members and skillful at channeling the energy of more outspoken people. But, what really sets him apart is he truly cares about you as a person.  His total dedication to your success, happiness, and fulfillment as a CEO is rare in today’s business world.  Whether its guest speakers, rare resources, late night phone calls, impromptu Skype, Google Hangout or conversations over coffee, you know he won’t rest until you get the help you need to move yourself and your company to the next level.”

—Joseph Lind Jr.
Horter Investment Management