“I make it an absolute priority to attend the mastermind meeting he facilitates! Todd brings his extensive leadership experience in myriad environments to bear, along with tremendous enthusiasm and high EQ, when he facilitates a mastermind of like-minded CEOs. Todd quickly builds trust and spots key issues and potential discussion impediments/roadblocks to foster "crucial", not superficial conversations that consistently deliver value and immediately applicable and value-add solutions to all attendees. He is an exceptional team-builder who encourages attendees to collaborate and share practical advice and "lessons learned" to ultimately solve other attendees' most intractable business challenges. His advice and insight is not "white tower' or purely theoretical. Rather, it is built upon decades of real-time leadership experience in working with and advising the military, for-profit and non-profit corporations, and startup companies. As he has with our mastermind group, Todd will quickly prove to be an invaluable resource and trusted business advisor in strategically partnering with you to build, scale, and lead your company to sustainable and profitable growth and success.”

—E. Todd Wilkowski
Frost Brown Todd