Participating in Trail Team 10 has been one of my most powerful leadership tools. Todd does a brilliant job helping the group prepare in advance each week and the 'hotseat' has been exceedingly impactful. I have also found great value in my one on one coaching with Todd and would highly recommend this platform for any CEO looking to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

—Erin Green
Founder & CEO
Verify Services

"Todd is a leader in his own right who cheers you on as an interviewee. He genuinely engages you in a candid, gracious way that coaxes out relevant, interesting and useful information for his listeners. His podcast is one of my go-to resources for pragmatic, yet optimistic, advice from fellow entrepreneurs."

—Suzanne Solsona
Founder & CEO,

"Todd is one of the most helpful people you will ever meet and he's given us a chance to learn from him and many other entrepreneurs on his must-listen-to podcast."

—Ross Peterson
CEO & Co-Founder,

"I have been listening to Todd Uterstaedt for quite some time now and I love his 'From Founder to CEO Podcast'. Todd has such natural talent for speaking to people and connecting with them. He asks just the right question at the right time to elicit practical insights from all of his guests. The length of the show is 'just right' and Todd has a genuine way of connecting with his guests so he gets the best nuggets of information from them. I thoroughly enjoy this podcast and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wide variety of perspectives on how to become their own best version of a CEO!"

—Adrienne Garland
Founder & CEO, She Leads Media